Equilibrium by Clubhouse Studios gets a new Teaser Trailer

Many Gaming fans will not like such kind of teaser trailer, when it offers anything except that the game is gona be based on some technological mishap. But still, Clubhouse Studios, chose to roll out the new teaser video of their upcoming game, the ‘Equilibrium’, on the same lines.

The teaser video, teases the gamers with the following quote by Albert Einstein:

"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal"

But, excuse the Studio, as Equilibrium is their first studio release, and hence they decided to go cinematic!

About Equilibrium:

Charles Mullock; brilliant scientist, disturbed genius, has gone rogue and is planning to bring an end to the world.

His former research colleague Isla Gideon is humanity's only hope. She's discovered his destructive plans and launched a gallant attempt to stop him. What will become of these two scientists, humanity and the world as we know it? Be part of the story in 2012. More info Here.


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