FIFA Street preorder bonuses are same at all retailers

With the release date, March 13 2012, of EA's over-the-top FIFA Street franchise, fast approaching. Gamers are already scanning the net for laying their hands on the game. FIFA Street is already up for preorder (PS3 Preorder | Xbox 360 Preorder); and that too with pre-order bonuses retailers have in store for gamers.

A quick look at what FIFA Street pre-order bonuses are offered at Amazon:

If one preorders from Amazon, gets Adidas All-Star team, the Lionel Messi Barcelona pitch, and Free shipping.

Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop (No free shipping) are more less offering the same preorder bonuses, as Amazon. But notably, Origin, is not offering any pre-order rewards; as they are not even listing the game on their website. --------

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