Google actively working on Semantics to create a Siri Challenger

Don’t know of users, but the tech world loved Siri, Apple's digital assistant.
Now reports are that Google is working to challenge Siri with the voice-powered Majel (the Star Trek inspired name).

Rumors are that the project is still in the works and will soon take off. And Androids will soon have a voice, too.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Google has invested heavily in semantic (semantic means relating to meaning, especially meaning in language) search.

A true development in the area of semantics, coupled with Google's massive data collection, would give the search giant an instant advantage against its competition, informed Google search executive Amit Singhal.

NOTE: Semantic search tools allow the user to perform searches in a natural voice tone, instead of using technical and cryptic commands. For instance if advanced semantics are applied to search, if a user needs to find an Italian restaurant nearby then he/she would say to search "where is the nearest Italian restaurant?" – instead of typing to Google, "Italian food, Boulder, Colorado".

Availability: Google is expected to unveil the new product this year, as more than six months of intense work has already been put into the project.

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