Google Drive Rumored To Arrive Next Month

There were lots of false claims regarding Google’s alleged cloud storage service that will most likely be referred as the GDrive, short for Google Drive. But this time, GigaOm’s Om Malik reports that if all goes as planned, the said storage service will finally be launched next month. The report did not state any specific date but there’s a great possibility for the Google Drive to be introduced to the public sometime with the first week of April 2012. On the other hand, Google declined to give any comment and further stated that it does not intend to respond to any kinds of rumors and speculations.

So far, what we do know is that the Google Drive (also known as GDrive) will be a cloud storage service that will offer up to 1GB of free storage space. As for those who wanted to get more, they will eventually need to pay for the extra storage space. It was also leaked that the said service will come with a local client and will flaunt a design that’s pretty much similar to the Google Docs interface. The said service will be launched for Google Apps users and will eventually require you to register a specific domain.

When it comes to free cloud storage service, Dropbox currently boasts its 2GB of free storage space and can be used on today’s most popular platforms. With the rumored launch of Google Drive, there’s a possibility for Dropbox to offer more features in order for it to get ahead of the competition. We do think that Google Drive can be of great use to a lot of online users. But we can’t tell if we’re really going to see the said online storage service next month. Right now, it would be best for you to take these unconfirmed reports with a grain of salt.    

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