Google+ Marketing For Dummies: Jesse Stay’s New Book

Jesse Stay, Marketer and author, who released his first Google+ book on November 15, 2011, named Google+ For Dummies, Portable Edition, which is among 3 other books for Facebook, is writing another book on Google+, entitled Google+ Marketing For Dummies.

Jesse who sees the new book on Google+ marketing, a logical transition to providing valuable and useful info to marketers and users; still wants to clear the air, on “Why he chose to write another Google+ book, when many experts and articles out there are seeing dwindling potential of Google+”.

This is Jesse’s take on the “Why” question:

You may have seen articles recently, fueled by Wall Street Journal, suggesting Google+ traffic is dwindling. As a result you may be asking yourself, "Why is he writing another book for Google+ if it has no traffic?" The truth is, I wouldn't be writing this book if I didn'tsee such potential for Google+. After articles like Wall Street Journal's, I realized there is clearly a lack of education out there on the value Google+ provides for both consumers and marketers. I'm writing this because of articles like that, and I hope I can convince you of the best secret on the internet right now.

In preliminary tests, engagement is already proving to be a higher-weighted factor now in Google search results. Articles outside, and posts on Google+ are showing to weigh very heavily above even recency of articles in search results on Google. We also see this with Google now integrating Google+ results into Google search results. This is just the tip of the Iceberg. For that reason alone, marketers need to be giving Google+ another look. Google+ is not just about traffic, but even more about how you rank and appear in otherGoogle products. As I have always said, the future of Google+ is just Google.

To summarise, Jesse -- Rather than traffic, engagement is the metric which needs to be focused on while en-cashing on the power of Google+. The future of Google+ is just Google. If Google continues to grow, property-wise, then Google+ will grow as well.

If you look at the Google+ book writing journey of Jesse, then his faith on the potential of Google+ for marketers and users, is clearly reflected.

A Logical Transtion:

Google+ Marketing For Dummies, is preceded by or is the next logical iteration to Jesse’s first Google+ book, Google+ For Dummies, Portable Edition. The first targets consumers and shows them how to get used to the social network, see results and value, and how to make the most of the service as a user. Google+ Marketing For Dummies will then take you, as a Marketer, Brand Manager, or Business Owner, to learn what matters most: how to use Google+ to generate more awareness for your brand, generate new leads, and in turn convert those new users into customers. In fact, you may want to offer the first book to your customers, and use the second book to learn how to market to those customers. Hence, the latest Google + book by Jesse was not an accident. He thought about the usefulness of it; and rolled out the new book.


The Google+ Marketing For Dummies is expected to be available to you by late summer or Fall.

A brief Glimpse of the Book:

As a Teaser, here are the currently planned Chapter names of Google+ Marketing For Dummies (these, of course, are subject to change):

• Chapter 1: Getting Started With Google+
• Chapter 2: Understanding Google+: The "Plus"
• Chapter 3: Understanding Google+: The "Google"
• Chapter 4: Integrating Google+ Into Your Existing Social Media Strategy
• Chapter 5: Learning Your Audience on Google+
• Chapter 6: Building a Google+ Presence
• Chapter 7: Building a Search Strategy Using Google+
• Chapter 8: Focusing on Real People and Relationships
• Chapter 9: Utilizing Hangouts to Share Your Brand
• Chapter 10: Advertising on Google With Social Ads
• Chapter 11: Building Relationships Through Google CRM
• Chapter 12: Building Website Authority Through Google+
• Chapter 13: Measuring Google+ Activity
• Chapter 14: Building Apps on Google+
• Chapter 15: 10 Ways You Can Add Value to Your Website Using Google+
• Chapter 16: 10 Examples of Good Google+ Business Practice
• Chapter 17: 10 Tips For Small Businesses Using Google+

Wait for the book to read the chapters in details.

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