Hacker is Job profile, with a Job search site, in UK

In UK, now Hacker is a Job profile, with a Job search site to help people get hacking jobs.
The site is run by developer and Hacker News London attendee Jon Gilbraith and former tech recruitment consultant turned web project manager Steve Buckley.

Named, Hacker Jobs UK, it is a specialist site that aims to provide better opportunities to those looking for work different than a regular software development job. To say in other words, the site aims to list Hacker jobs prominently, which till now are disguised as regular jobs.

At present the site lists jobs available for developers of iOS and Android, web, C++ and Qt as well as a role for UX designers. Job locations include London, Huddersfield and Edinburgh.

Courtesy, the hot demand of code, which sharp brains can churn out, the Hacker Jobs UK will have a bright future.


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