How original Flipboard app for the iPhone was created, shares New Book

Craig Mod was in the team which was behind the original Flipboard app for the iPhone.

Mod, a write and designer, has released his new book, which documents the creation of the app. Beginning with the first code repository commit message, the book spans almost 10,000 other such code changes, covers hundreds of design iterations, and ends in photos from the team's launch party.

The Digital?Physical: On Building Flipboard for iPhone and Finding the Edges of our Digital Narratives

by: Craig Mod

publisher: PRE/POST, published: 2012-03-27


sales rank: 4328

Author's voice:

We've entered a binary on/off era for physicality. To go digital-physical and back again is increasingly frictionless.

And so:
What do we gain from these jumps?
How can they reframe experiences to help us better understand them?


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