Local Phone France Offer: Make Unlimited free calls to France landlines till March 16th

Attention Please!

Local Phone is giving free calls to France offer – As they see France is now a popular calling destination. From 12pm GMT 9th March until 12pm GMT 16th March all calls to French landlines will be completely free (irrespective of how much credit a Local Phone user previously added or how long he/she been a customer.).

There's no catch or restrictions on how long each customer can talk for or how many numbers they can call, as long as they call a Polish landline number it will be free.

For more info on the offer, visit this page.

About Localphone:

Localphone is a leading provider of cheap international calls and free VoIP calls. Calls can be made to over 250 countries from a mobile, landline or computer for as little as 0.4p per minute. LocalPhone's call rates are up to 88% cheaper than Skype's and its minimum top up is just £1. There are no monthly charges or hidden connection fees and all new customers can try Localphone with a 5 minute free call.


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