Mario Party 9 With 80 Minigames releasing March 11

Mario Party 9, the latest game from the Mario Party series, will release coming march 11.

With twelve playable characters and new challenges, expect hours of gaming fun.

Mario Party 9, which the entire family can enjoy, is created exclusively for Nintendo Wii.

What Mario Party 9 has in offer for you:

Mario Party 9 is bigger than any other games in the series. Going through an evolution in new ways to play, the MP9 introduces concepts like, boss battles crashing the party and challenging players to compete. Players get to travel in vehicles together across the different stages of the game, battling bosses and collecting mini-stars all along.

As a great continuity to its predecessors, Mario party 9 allows up to four players play simultaneously.

One of the attractions or Mario Party 9, are the mini-games. 80 in all.

If as a Mario gamer, you see Mario party changed and improved upside down for good; then let you be informed that this is the first Mario Party game not to be developed by Hudson Soft. The project was officially taken over by Nd Cube Co., Ltd.

The Mario Party 9 release date has been set for March 11, 2012 in North America, although you can pre-order it now. The game will be released in Europe and Japan earlier. --------

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