Samsung Galaxy S3 Price revealed

Much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date is revealed on a preorder page on a retail site,, which sells unlocked phones.

The preorder page starts a starting price of $799.99 for Samsung Galaxy S3.

Interestingly, the page doesn’t state any delivery or shipment date. This makes many suspect, the page as some bogus marketing strategy for the website.

Notably, neither Samsung, nor the said retail site commented on the preorder page, reported CNET.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs:

Courtesy the preorder page, the Samsung Galaxy S3 sports the following specs and features:

1) a 4.65-inch and a 720p display
2) a 1.8GHz QUAD-CORE processor
3) a 12-megapixel camera
4) 16GB of storage

But, there’s no official word yet; as Samsung has yet to announce the official release date for the Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S3’s predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S2, was unveiled at the MWC 2011; and launched two months later in April. Since the world has reached the same point of the year, hence speculations are rife.

Clearing some air on the Galaxy S3, the company has already requested the fans to make peace till the middle of the year.

But, the curiosity can be expected, as the Galaxy S2 won the "Best Phone" award at the MWC 2012, concluded just days back.


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