Sim City 5 finally Announced at GDC 2012, up for Pre-Order

Sim City 5 or SimCity - Limited Edition by Electronics Arts, greatest city simulation game ever, has finally been officially announced at GDC 2012. It was a rather long wait – 9 years.

The new title will be released on March 31,2013. A year is still to go. But, if you preorder Sim City 5 or SimCity - Limited Edition now, then you get get the following digital preorder bonuses:

1) Signature Landmarks — Just as Eiffel Tower in Paris and Taj Mahal in Agra India, give identity to the said cities; Sim City 5 too allows you to place exclusive landmarks in your city.

2) Change in the streets — Allows you to change layout of your city streets, so that landmarks can be seen. This strategy will help, if you make your city a tourist destination.

3) More means of transport and services: You can bring to your city Double Decker buses from London, High-Speed Rail from Germany, and police and fire services from Paris

About Sim City 5:

Sticking to the previous titles ethics, Sim City 5 would again be a PC Exclusive City Building/Simulation game, giving users tools to control, shape, govern, construct and do almost anything they can imagine to their cities.

As always, the better you use the tools and your imagination; the better the future of your city will be. In short, the game is a very realistic simulated training in governance – Take wise decisions -- big or small -- invest in heavy industry to grow, but at the same time ensuring that the public welfare schemes don’t get an unfair cut, implement green technology for your City’s health, while risking at the same time higher taxes and unemployment. The better you find the Middle Path (of Buddha); the better administrator you prove to your city. But still, what for you enage in such simulation games – Challenges – hence you can always group up with friends to solve global challenges: launch a space shuttle, reduce carbon emissions, or build magnificent wonders. You can even tackle diplomatic challenges as well -- Compete on global and regional leader boards to be the richest, the dirtiest, the happiest, all this for your city and for your fame.

Below is a brief snippet of what Sime City 5 offers:

Constructible Worlds — Creative and customizable world that offers best of both worlds: Unique gameplay benefits with a fun tactile interface.

Sims Matter — Underlining the need for a more accessible administrator; the new game allows the Sims in the city speak to you directly and it’s up to you to respond to their needs. If you are not power, fame and fortune hungry; then you very well know what you should do, all the time.

Specialize in What You Love — A wise one, once said, "You only need One Thing Succeed; Find that One Thing". The game allows you to steer your city in teh direction, you love to do and specialize. Remember, the money earned from a Casino is not bad, if you can put it to education and health.

Multiplayer — Governing a City is not an easy task. You always need able helping hands. The new game for the first time allows you to Build a region with friends. Collaborate or compete in regional and global challenges and make decisions that impact the SimCity World in a more comprehensive way.

GlassBox Engine — SimCity 5 introduces GlassBox, the revolutionary simulation technology that gives you the power to impact individual Sims lives, manage city level simulation, and balance multiple city simulations at once.


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