Simple Ideas can indeed be Incredible Ah-Ha Moments: Tells a new Book

Surely a book for those who want to see things from a new perspective.

A new book, titled Incredible Ah-Ha Moments: Ideas You Won't Stop Talking About, by Alexander Nestoiter, who has an engineering and management background, presents some fascinating takes on everyday life – Takes which not only offer a unique perspective on the world we live in; but also offer solutions to common problems that are both practical and simple (This in a way is USP of the book).

To give you an example of the key ideas the book talks about, take the Feet example.

The author brings to fore one question: How our feet affect our well-being?

And this question has a lot of sense: if one sees how much time we are on our two legs each day. Troves of things are connected to our legs. Putting the humble feet to spotlight; is one of the many "Ah-Ha Moments" that really do make one stop and ponder the implications.

As said in the beginning, the Nestoiter doesn’t stop at bringing ideas and perspectives to fore. The author also advocates ways to improve them, so that the human condition improves. For instance in the feet question: Wearing an uncomfortable but beautiful pair of shoes, is an option many take each day; but does that choice benefits us or improves our Life.

Plan of the Book:

The book is divided into three parts,

1) Physiology, Origins, and the Starting Point – Exploration of Idea

2) Purpose, Limitations and Cost for Meddling with Our Senses – Delving into the dichotomy between reason and emotion

3) Cost of Exploiting Hardwiring for Profit -- brings it all together and points out the clear facts of how we are so easily indoctrinated by input from television, radio, and even books

Incredible Ah-Ha Moments contains a wealth of information about how to live a better life. And the best thing is, the info is quite appealing to human intellect and as a consequence recommendations made by the author are worth noting. Great Book for those who don’t only want to see simple things in new perspectives, but also admire a book full of observations and advice.

About the Book, at points in author's self voice:

Incredible Ah-Ha Moments: Ideas You Won't Stop Talking About

by: Alexander Nestoiter

publisher: CreateSpace, published: 2011-12-22

ASIN: 1468010212

EAN: 9781468010213

sales rank: 142664

price: $17.47 (new), $48.25 (used)

Through simple examples and common sense, you will learn how our senses and our ability to throw rocks—not evolution—made humans out of our early ancestors. Learn about the fantastical and awesome influence of common items on our energy, attitude, and self-esteem. Read all the eye-opening accounts about our feet and the energy and secrets they hold. Read about the balance system from the inner ear that influences everything: memory, attention span, emotions, confidence, reaction, and so much more. Read about the devious influence of TV on the minds of our young; and how the simple experience of watching TV, now reshapes our values and changes our way of life. The awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, even forehead-slamming stories are written with a touch of hoopla for good measure. The author, a man of great curiosity and determination, writes about his childhood dream to take a daring walk on a circus tightrope, and what that dream prophesized. You will read about his cat Katia, who helped him discover the crucial role elementary physics play in our lives. And this is the story that brings all the pieces together in a nice and unpredictable way. The message is simple, powerful, and above all, very human, and very practical. Like talking to a friend. Editorial Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting!, March 2, 2012 By Shirley Priscilla Johnson MidWest Book Review If I could sum this book up in two words I would say it is definitely, interesting and different. I really enjoyed reading this book and here is the only problem I have encountered. I have to keep going back and reading more. This is a book that has a lot of this and a lot of that in so many areas. The topics are wide and changeable. You might want to read about TV programs, but let me note, this will not be an regular read, believe me. I've learned some on how to change my mood, and have more confidence. That's always a good thing. There is a section titled, "Reason vs. Emotion that I found very interesting. You will definately go away with a different outlook and more knowledge than you thought you would. How about a section that is titled, "Our Humanity Began When We learned to Kill Without Getting Our Hands Bloodied." I did say different, did I not. Now my favorite out of the entire book is the section on feet. I have marked it so that I can share the information with others and use it myself. I also plan to look into some of the items being offered. I really liked the foot pages. I did enjoy this book, it has many a twist that I never knew were coming in just about every topic, and I enjoyed each one . It's interesting and definitely will give you a lot to share and a lot to think about. Good job. 5.0 out of 5 stars Initially Challenging, Eventually Common Sense, February 27, 2012 By Grady Harp (HALL OF FAME REVIEWER) (REAL NAME) “Author Alexander Nestoiter is probably one of the more fascinating characters we are likely to encounter. As he shares from his personal history... he brings us some concepts about our human history, our body functions, our interactions with each other and the world at large in a series of seemingly complex ideas that he smoothes out before us on the page, making his ideas so warmly and reasonably welcome that he seems like our best and most credible friend.” ”...There are so many avenues for stretching our minds that the author spreads before us that this is one of those books you pray will never end. What he writes will entertain and inform us and then later stop us in our tracks and reach that Ah-Ha moment of learning how to see our selves and our world, refreshingly differently.” - Kirkus Reviews "Our fate lies not in stars but in our feet. Nestoiter's theory (is) that the neurological challenge(s) drove (the) human brain, and that the environment surrounding the feet decisively influences the psyche. Paved surfaces and shoes sever our connection to reality, causing emotional distress. Provides food for thought."

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