Square renames revamps Payer app, and launches its Android version

Square, the company co-founded by Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey, has just placed itself in a position to better compete with rival PayPal over consumers and merchants in the multibillion-dollar mobile payments business.

Square has renamed its Card Case payer application — now will be called ‘Pay with Square’, and added new features to it. Pay with Square — used by 75,000 merchants — now comes with a simpler user interface, a new search bar and map view, and the ability for customers to share their comments about merchants via email, Twitter or SMS.

That apart the application has been launched as an Android app ( iOS version for Apple devices exists).

With the new changes, Square plans to redefine how consumers use its quarter-sized, credit-card swapping device.

Last week, PayPal unveiled its own mobile-payment device to compete with Square.

Notably, Square has also introduced Register, a cash register-like app for iPad.


Compared to last year, Square is expected to double the revenue it will make to help merchants process sales of goods ($4 billion). Notably, PayPal is a big rival for Square, the de facto standard for processing payments online that was acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion in 2002.


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