Tablet Game Revenue to hit $3.1 billion by 2014

Tablet Game Revenue to hit $3.1 billion by 2014

Tablet PCs are mobile devices for data consumption and gaming.

Right now smartphone games are contributing a significant chunk of both the mobile and gaming economies. But in the next couple of years, it’s the tablets which will be contributing a much bigger share in mobile game revenue.
A new report from analyst group Juniper Research says that tablets will start taking a much bigger chunk of that pie in the next couple years. By 2014, the tablet game revenue will reach a $3.1 billion market, predicts Juniper.

And by 2016, tablet games will account for a third of all mobile game revenue.

The reasons for tablet game revenue growing that fast are –

1) Higher price of tablet games compared to an iPhone or Android phone game. This difference in average price is 404 percent ( 99 cents for smartphone game compared to $4.99 for an optimized HD version of the same title on the tablet).

2) In 2011, the premium a user pays for a tablet title, didn’t had much showing on the overall tablet game revenues. In 2011 tablet game revenues were only around $491 million. Juniper sees the increased tablet game revenue, not coming from the high price of apps themselves but rather in-app content.

Juniper’s projection for Tablet game market seems feasible; as tablets are great for playing games, their large screen size helps here. That apart, Apple has set rather high standards, in terms of quality and user experience for the rest of the industry. App stores of nearly all makers will fuel gaming on tablets further. Last but not the least, tablet owners also tend to have a larger disposable income, as tablets are often bought outright rather than subsidized by operators.


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