Use Yahoo Answers? Then try Knoji too

With search engines increasingly returning hit-or-miss results, Knoji unveils a people-powered answers service that offers quick, friendly and accurate answers for every day problems.

If you use yahoo Answers to find solutions to your day to day problems; then you will be glad to see a new kid -- A people-powered answers service, by Knoji, knowledge Network.

For those readers, who have not used Yahoo Answers, Yahoo’s people-powered answers service. Here’s a bit about Knoji.

Basing itself on the same premise, that there is too much information on the web and the world, but too little trust; Knoji, is a service which encourages its members to answer the questions posted by fellow members on the site.

Knoji provides a clean, well-organized and people-centered place to receive high-quality, trusted answers to every day questions. According to founder Michael Quoc, with Knoji they wanted to create a safer, people-centered experience, similar to Yelp, but for answers.

How Knoji Works:

When a member asks a question on Knoji, he has to tag it under a category, which he/she thinks ‘the question belongs to’ or ‘will attract more genuine answers’. Once posted, the question is seen by fellow Knoji members, who try answering it with real-world knowledge.

The fact that people are inclined to offer solutions to those problems, which they feel knowledgeable about; makes knoji like services often get high quality answers.

Just like Yahoo Answers, knoji also follows an incentive based model. Wherein you earn question credits for answering questions, voting. Based on the degree of engagement (number of questions Answered) and quality of answers provided, you also get titles like Expert etc.

A few features which make Knoji particularly useful to online entrepreneurs, bloggers and marketers are: 1) ‘Write an Article’, wherein you can write an article to pull traffic to your blog, landing page or website 2) ‘Link To this Answer’ wherein you can link any answer on Knoji to your own content.

Bloggers, marketers and professionals can use Knoji for their benefit, in the same way they used Yahoo Answers.

That apart, all members can contribute answers, and top-performing members will be eligible for paid positions within the Knoji Experts program. More information available at the company's website.

Knoji is highly organized, where you can quickly find a place that's relevant to your question, be it fashion tips, home repair help, dog behavior issues or 19th century architecture. You can then instantly meet 4 or 5 top experts in that category and ask your question. It's really that easy. With over 10,000 experts in over 1,000 categories and growing, Knoji is already capable of providing accurate answers to almost any question.



bhumi said...

Thanks for the post. I think Knoji could be a great place to promote your business via Q&A, sort of like Quora and Linkedin.

Admin-- Anil said...

@Bhumi_______That can be other great way to use Knoji. Thanks for the suggestion.