Wayward, irresponsible behavior on Facebook can doom your Job prospects

You may be posting obscene and inappropriate photographs of self or others on your Facebook profile OR you may be using foul language or extreme views on your Facebook profile; it’s alright, unless you are seeking a new job.

As Wayward, irresponsible behavior on Facebook can doom your Job prospects in real words.

According to a WSJ report, many firms in US are already scanning a job aspirant’s Facebook profile before handing hin/her the appointment letter.

In many cases, take for instance, that of one Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, the interviewer even asked for something else: his Facebook username and password.

Bassett, a New York City statistician, who was Ok with the usual questions about experience and references; found the demand too illogical to be fulfilled; refused and withdrew his application, saying he didn't want to work for a company that would seek such personal information.

But as the job market steadily improves, other job candidates are confronting the same question from prospective employers, and some of them cannot afford to say no. In their efforts to vet applicants, some companies and government agencies are going beyond merely glancing at a person's social networking profiles and instead asking to log in as the user to have a look around.

Although, many human rights and legal firms are objecting to such demands by interviewers; which they believe is akin to asking for requiring someone's house keys; many companies, in US and other countries, appear to be keen on scanning the job aspirant’s social network profiles, to ascertain his/her suitability for the job, based on company policies (the company won't want a situation, when a company hires you and later finds it difficult to control your Facebook behaviour, detrimental for it too).

Keeping this opposition in view, many US states are contemplating legislation to stop companies from asking a job seeker’s confidential or personal information on the social networks.

But, legislation or legal status won’t change things much:

Experts believe that irrespective of a legislation barring companies from looking into a Job seeker’s private Facebook profile; increasing number of companies will keep making such ‘Facebook pwd’ demands, as in 9 out of 10 times, a Job seeker is not in a position to turn down a job offer or withdraw his/her application.

Hence, you as a Facebook user have to decide how you behave on Facebook.


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