Zipline Moai game-dev platform launched: Free Till April 30

Attention Game Developers!

Zipline Games, Seattle-based company, has attracted 6,000 game developers (DistinctDev, maker of the hit game The Moron Test is one among them) to its Moai game development platform. And now it’s formally launching version 1.0. The past one year of hard work seems to have paid off; with Zipline successfully tweaking its Moai development environment so that it can handle production of cross-platform games. This mans, using a single code base, developers can create games that run across iOS (Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), Android, and Google Chrome, informed Todd Hopper, chief executive of Zipline.

Zipline will offer free Moai cloud services till April 30 and then will start charging for them.

What Moai Offers:

Fast porting: DistinctDev ported The Moron Test 2 to both iOS and Android platforms on the same day with all development done in-house.

Moai Direct Services offers cloud-based data storage, cross-platform leaderboards and achievements, and actionable in-game news and push notifications for any existing iOS or Android game.

About Moai:

Moai is named after the human face carvings on Easter Island.

The platform is created with tools based on the open source Lua scripting language. It created a backend system for running games on mobile or other platforms. The back end can serve as cloud hosting for games. It works well in creating two-dimensional games. Lua is a low-level language and games built with it run fast, in contrast to HTML5 games.

The Game Developers, using the Moai software development kit (SDK) can monitor their games in real-time, log all events, and enjoy enhanced security.

Among the prominent Game developers on Moai bandwagon include: Bungie Aerospace, Harebrained Schemes (Crimson: Steam Pirates), Go Go Kiddo, and Nay Games etc.


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