App that lets you make Enemies on Facebook

If Facebook is like the real world; then it should have both friends and enemies!
Facebook’s ‘All friends-liness’ is indeed becoming monotonous for many.

Lets have an end to those monotonies.

EnemyGraph, a free Facebook app, actually lets users to list their enemies instead of making friends.

How the App works:

The app works by connecting Facebook users on things they dislike and point out a difference you have with a friend and offer it up for conversation, as opposed to a similarity.

Although following the same model of modern day social networks; wherein the focus is on finding things of mutual interests and shared experiences; the new app tries to curate just the Opposite – the differences.

Facebook users have been demanding a dislike button feature for eternity now; but Facebook is not listening. Surely, EnemyGraph will delight all such users who believe that every entity on world’s biggest social network – be it a brand, groupd, community page or user on Facebook can be a friend. Like real world there are enemies too. --------

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