Facebook Energy-Saving App launched

Last October, Facebook collaborated with the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Opower, to create a power-conservation app for Facebook.

Yesterday, the same app has been launched.

The app, aims to help people move towards lower energy use, and power bills, through social engagement OR if more aptly said through social pressures.

What the App offers:

Using the app, users can compare energy use to similar homes, using a national database, and compete against their friends in terms of energy use and efficiency. Users will also be able to form themselves into factions and compete against others, with incentives provided by their utility partners. In addition, the Facebook users will be able to share this information via their Facebook newsfeed or Timeline. That aprt, the app will also provide tips to help conserve energy, such as investments in energy-efficient appliances and home improvements.

Sixteen utilities across the nation said they will support the app, reaching 20 million households.

The collaborators behind the app, want to achieve a mere 1 percent energy use saving by the App users. If every household in the U.S. cut back on energy use by a mere 1 percent, that alone would cut more than $1.6 billion off of Americans' annual energy bills. That's the same as taking more than 1.2 million homes off-the-grid all together, informed Brandi Colander, an NRDC attorney in its Energy and Transportation Group, in a statement.

Interestingly the other energy-conservation initiatives, including Microsoft Hohm and Google PowerMeter failed to get people’s affection. Google shut down PowerMeter in September 2011.
Microsoft Hohm, is closing shop May 2012.

How to use the App:

Facebook’s social energy app, which will be found at the Opower site. Users can log in with their Facebook account. --------

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