GazeHawk acquired by Facebook, to Track your Eyeballs

An eye-tracking startup GazeHawk, founded in 2009 by Brian Krausz & Joe Gershenson, has been acquired by Facebook, for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition is not for GazeHawk’s technology; but the social giant is juts hiring the startup’s employees (a talent-only acquisition); Six in number. The group will be moving to Facebook next week, where they will be working on product and backend engineering.

About GazeHawk:

GazeHawk, a Mountain View-based startup, provides webcam eye-tracking services. Founded in December 2009, with the hopes of building an eye-tracking service that meant providing inexpensive in-house eye tracking technology and provide eye tracking studies to the clients; by leveraging the improvements in webcam technology, the start-up company managed to attract Facebook’s attention.


Facebook plans to use the GazeHawk team to build more engaging web sites and online services (means using eye ball tracking along with Click Based Analytic tools; so that Facebook knows the user behavior not only when he/she is transitioning between pages, but also when the user is on the page and just moving his/her eyeballs). So that while on Facebook, if you move your eyeballs; Facebook sends you some recommendation the next time.


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