Import Error making it difficult to move WordPress blog to Blogger, use this utility

You may want to transfer your blog/website from Wordpress to Blogger. And took the following steps:

You logged in to your Wordpress dashboard.

clicked on Tools

Clicked on Export

You are shown options page and you chose the option of your liking

Pressed the 'Download Export File' button.

You successfully saved the .xml file on your PC.

You went to blogger

Went to the settings page of the 'where to be imported blog', then reached 'Basic' tabbed pane and pressed the Import button there.

But when you started the import process; you are shown the following error:

You can easily surpass this obstacle. Go to this page. This is a nifty application which removes any incompatibility in your downloaded WordPress .xml file. There's only one limitation though; the .xml file you downloaded and saved on your PC should be not bigger than 1 MB in size. if you have 250-300 posts on your WordPress blog then the file size is about 1 MB; so the utility will work fine with most bloggers.

On the App page, Just upload your .xml file and Press Convert. The app will convert your incompatible file into blogger-export.xml; which you have to save on your PC.

Once saved, all you have to do is go to settings page of the 'to be imported blog', reach for 'Basic' tabbed pane and pressed the Import button there.Upload recently saved blogger-export.xml file and press the Import button.

And the data you wanted to import came on your Blogger blog. --------

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