Intel Studybooks unveiled with a $200 Price Tage | Tablets targeted at Student Market

Chip maker, Intel has announced the launch of its 7-inch tablet encased in rugged plastic, created specifically for use in the education market.

The tablets, named Intel studybooks, are expected to cost less than $200 each.

The durability and low price of Intel Studybooks, is reminiscent of the "$100" laptop, created by the organization One Laptop Per Child – which was eventually released in 2007 at a above $100 price tag. But coming back to its initial promise the OLPC organization recently introduced a low-cost tablet in January expected to be priced at $100 or less (Video Below):

Intel Studybook Specs and Features:

 An LCD touch screen
 Powered by Intel® Atom™ processor Z650
 Run on either the Android or Windows operating systems
 comes with front and rear cameras (which can be turned into microscopes for science experiments with a special lens)
 A microphone.
 Is designed to withstand falls from student desks and is water and dust resistant.
 Come with 4 GB of storage and Wi-Fi capabilities
 Compatible with Intel's network of education service providers, software providers, and digital content called the Intel Learning Series.

The Intel Studybooks also come with the option to upgrade to a 3G network, Gorilla Glass, or more storage (for an increased but yet-undisclosed price). According to reports e-textbook provider Kno will be providing e-reading software for all Intel Studybooks as well as K-12 content.

Availability: No word is out yet.


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