iOS Controlled Robotic iPhone Mount which Photographers will Love

Named, Galileo, an iOS Controlled Robotic iPhone Mount which Photographers will Love.

Galileo, is an iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform with infinite spherical rotation capability. Just swipe your finger on the screen of your iPad or other iOS device and Galileo reacts, orienting your iPhone or iPod Touch accordingly. The makers of Galileo see its use in areas of photography, cinematography, social networking, and video conferencing.

Galileo gives iOS devices endless possibilities of remote-controlled motion (like you a working mother, installed an iOS device mounted on Galileo at her baby's room; and monitored the room from her office iOS device).

Capable of infinite 360° pan-and-tilt at speeds up to 200° per second in any orientation, Galileo is an invaluable tool to everyone from an amateur photographer to the professional cinematographer, and vastly improves the experience of video chat for anyone needing to stay connected, claim the makers of Galileo.

Watch the video below:


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