Samsung names its flexible screens -- Youm

In CES2011, Samsung demoed its flexible screen.

After more than a year now, the Electronics giant confidently envisions the technology being used in a variety of devices, such as an e-reader, a camera, and a video chat system; and gives its flexible AMOLED technology, a name – Youm.

The company also imagines the tablet showing off 3D images through the use of an augmented-reality system.

Youm, are Samsung’s thin, next-generation screens, which are so malleable they can be bent like a paper card. Samsung claims that the bendable cards are unbreakable (uncrackable).

Below is the bendable screen--a 4.5-inch screen, less than 0.3mm thick and sported an impressive WVGA (800x480 pixel) resolution – is what Samsung displayed at CES 20122:

Flexible Super AMOLED, and now known as YOUM (trademark name), consists of four layers of material: the AMOLED display cells are encased in two pieces of film, and a polariser (probably housing the multi-touch sensor) on top of it. There’s no glass in the design, which gives it a much greater flexibility than the barely curved screens seen on the later Nexus phones.

LG only last week revealed that it has started mass production of what it called the "world's first" plastic electronic paper display.

What flexible screens can offer to the world:


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