Super Simple Apps for a Social Media Buff

Technology must only make life simpler and better than what it was yesterday. This post is specially for all the social media fans around who spend their day on Twitter, Facebook and Gmail for work or otherwise.

It has become a literal rage to open your browser, click on Facebook bookmark, log in, then open a new tab, go to twitter, another tab and then access your Gmail account. There are many service providers who will provide you pro-quality software that will work like your virtual dashboards. But here, the problem strikes about the money that you will be paying for the same. This series of 'Super Simple Apps' is dedicated entirely to the free online resources that will make your social life real easy.

1. The first in the list is Timely By Demandforce

Timely is designed specially for twitter users. This application is available on the Internet for free. On the home page you can write the name of any twitter account and check the details of the tweets that reach the audience worldwide. It will also suggest you the right time to post your tweets.

Here is a preview

Signing up for the site is free. The best thing about this is that you can add multiple twitter accounts and write and schedule your posts according to the prescribed time. This will make sure that your tweets reach your audience at a time when they are most engaged with the site.

This tool can also prove very good for business users. For example, if your audience are engaged the most with Twitter at 4 pm, you can write a post on Timely and it will automatically share your posts with your followers on Twitter at 4 pm. 

So this can be a very useful tool for businesses with a huge stake in social media sites. This will help you build your follower base and get engaged in relevant conversations online. 

Pros and Cons : 

This service is good for busy online people, but only heavy twitter users. You cannot connect to any other service likewise and schedule your posts. However, if you use twitter to send targeted messages or if you are a manager or business owner or a social media marketer, Timley will come as a handy tool for your Twitter needs.

Timely is available on this link

2. The second and very useful free app is Social

This app is so simple to use that you really forget following the usual method of logging in and logging out of your various social networking accounts. It acts as a dashboard to all your social media accounts. It mainly looks after the three most used sites Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

This app will manage all your accounts at once place. However the 'Pro-version' is paid, they also have 'Social Lite' a free to use and download version of the app. It also gives you access to all the above mentioned services. However, multiple accounts on the same service are not available on the free version.

Pros and Cons : 

So while using this app you don't really have to switch to the browser again and again and change tabs. If you are using the Pro-version, it becomes even better as access to multiple accounts is available all at the same time. This Social Lite free version is also good. The connectivity speed is very good as it loads really fast. Even a separate tab on the left hand side gives you access to your groups. Moreover, it also supports chats. 

However, if you have multiple accounts on the same site and use them all simultaneously on a regular basis, the free version may not make any buzz for you. But, it is true that you will not put much stress on your browser and all your notifications appear right on your desktop. 

This free to download software is available on this site

These were the first two apps and services for social media in this series. They are fun and they are free. I will be back tomorrow with more such apps. Meanwhile, you can give them a try and give your suggestions and feedback to me. 


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