Super Simple Services for a Social Media Marketing Business

Social Media marketing has become an integral part of business. So here are two apps that are a must have for any businessperson interested in taking his business to new heights with clear social media strategies.

1. MarketMeSuite

   This online service is good enough to let you believe that social media marketing is an easy task. I have personally never witnessed a sign up as fast as this service does. Within a split of a second you will become a member of this service and the very next moment you will land up on your very own page, with lots of options to keep the social media buff inside you engaged the whole day.

  One thing is very good with MarketMeSuite. You get the benefit of an all in one mail + social media accounts + lead generation services at one page. You can check your leads, Facebook and Twitter searches and can even connect to LinkedIn( a feature mostly absent in other similar services).

  It also has a priority inbox, Twitter follow and unfollow options and even a lead inbox for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It can manage your pictures and RSS feeds as well. An added advantage is of Cloud computing. You may access your data from anywhere you feel like. Another important feature is that you can track your online presence and see for yourself your online rating with another popular service 'Klout'. You can even have multiple accounts and add team members as well. Moreover, MarketMeSuite also gives you your 'PeerIndex' ratings which are very helpful for the keyword/topic based SEO of your business.

This feature loaded service is for FREE!!! Yes you actually don't pay to become a member of MarketMeSuite and gain a lot of insight on social media with the help of their blogs. All an all a must have for any business person who is interested in some serious social media marketing for his business.

2. is one of the most popular services on the Internet for the social media hangout. You can connect with around 30+ social media services all at the same time. Not only this, when you add all your services, you can update your status messages on all of them with a single click. Popular connected networks include Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Blogger, Facebook Pages, Gtalk,,, TypePad, My Yearbook, Photobucket, Yahoo Profiles, Delicious, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Friend Feed among others.

So it becomes very difficult to ignore a service like which can actually make your social media work load lighter and give you the ease of access to your various social media profiles, all at one place. One very important feature that i would want all people to note is that this service is not only connected to Facebook, but Facebook Pages as well. As far as i have come across similar services, Facebook Pages updates are not a very common factor.

Facebook makes the identity of the page and the individual different from each other. So when you are logged in to your page, you are not using it as an individual but a page owner. Therefore, a status i update as an individual is not the status of the page. While using Facebook Pages on you can update the same status on both your page and individual profile without having to copy + paste it again. A very good feature for business.

This service is unique as well as universal. Most of your online avatars, whether business or personal, will be taken care of when you are using and to top it all, its FREE!!! What else can one ask for?

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