What Powers Your Pot, Recharges your Android Device

Campers out there, who are always ready to head to some remote forest or barrenness with their backpack !

A maverick device may come handy for you; especially when the unreliable Sun up there, couldn’t allow you recharge your android device, nine out of ten times.

If you like this Android device charger, then you surely are the one who loves unconventional approach to do conventional things. Plus, it could be one among your valuable accessories for Android Devices.

So outdoorsy Android users out there, the charger named the PowerPot is an easy way to power all your Android devices using nothing more than heat. Start a fire, put on a PowerPot plug in your device and your device starts taking the much needed Life. Plain and simple.

Find The PowerPot on its Kickstarter page where the creators have already raised $18,000 of their $50,000 fund goal. And good thing is, 24 days are still left for the world to go camping (atleast for the guys who created the PowerPot charger for Android Users). Check out the PowerPot Demo video below:


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