Decoding Social Media- Apps for Facebook Page Timeline

The next step towards making your Facebook Page Timeline is to customize it and make it look different from others. Unlike many other social networking sites, Facebook does not support themes for individual pages or accounts. The white and blue background theme remains consistent on Facebook. Therefore, the customization challenge becomes even more difficult.

Lets discuss a few ways in which you can customize you Facebook Page Timeline and list a few apps that will help you achieve the target.

Make a custom Cover Photo- As we discussed in previous posts, cover photos are the first hello to your visitors. It is what they notice first on your page and hence make or break your impression. However, it is not always advisable to use a picture of your office or your chief people. You can make custom banners/cover photos for your Facebook page online at zero cost. It is as easy as 1-2-3. You select a theme, paste pictures or write texts, add effects etc. Then you may download the photo on your system and use it anywhere on the net.

This way you can use your creativity and change the look and feel of your Facebook page as often as you need. a regular change in the Cover photo(for good reasons, don't change them too often), will keep the visitors engaged and make your page look fresh. Also, it adds a dynamic appeal to your page.

These sites are as easy to use as uploading a cover photo. All you need to do is choose what background you need. if you do not wish to use a existing background, you can use your own images. Moreover, you can experiment a lot to add effects like text modulations, image modulations etc.

Moreover, you get to make such banners and cover photos for free. There is no limit to creating covers and downloading them. There are many sites that also have a huge amount of cover photos with quotations etc. that may be used on special days and events on your Timeline to make it look more appealing and attractive.

Here is look at how most of the cover maker apps and sites will look and how you edit your cover photo.

A few links that help you build customized cover photos are listed below.

More on customization of Facebook Timeline and other social media giants in the next post.

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