Decoding Social Media- Facebook Pages and Timeline II

The new Facebook Timeline has added a few small yet useful features to the pages. A simple click can make the user experience of a Facebook Page entirely different from what it was before. The new Facebook Timeline features are worth a try.

Star/Highlight or Pin - Whenever you post something on a Facebook page it automatically appears on the top. But what if you post numerous times a day and a specific post is unable to get the desired attention? The answer to this question are the two new features. The first feature is Star or Highlight. If a user wants to highlight the story, he may simply click on the star button next to the post and the area of the post expands to full page. This makes the post appear important to the visitors.

The next feature is Pin. Pinning is a rather new feature. By pinning a post to the top, you ensure that the first thing that the visitor notices upon landing on your page is this particular post. A pinned post carries a small ribbon mark on the right side.

Both the features are meant to provide importance to your posts. If you specifically want something to be highlighted or appear important, or simply want the visitors to pay attention to a particular post, you can use this feature. It can be specially be useful when you have posted a really important notice or update, or have uploaded a new photo/video i.e. when you have gone interactive with the visitors.

Events and Milestones - Events and milestones are a great way to connect with the audience. While Events are the same old Facebook events with a date, place and attendees, milestones are something different.  A milestone, as the name suggest, is something really important for the page. While updating a milestone, you can write what happened, where, with whom, complete with a background story and photos. So, say the organization received a prestigious award, you can add it here.

Question- The question feature is like a close ended opinion poll. You can ask a question to the visitors and they can answer them with the suggested options. Moreover, they can also add their own potions. This can be used as a virtual feedback for your products/services/public image and may also tell you how people connect with you and why.

More on Facebook Timeline and other social media giants in the next post.


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