Decoding Social Media- Facebook Pages and Timeline

The new Facebook Timeline is not only user friendly but also gives the user a chance to be more creative with their social media activities. If you own  a Facebook Page, you must have already started using the Timeline. But the problem with some people is they find Timeline more time consuming and sometimes ‘confusing’, which is just the opposite in reality.

First of all, let’s get familiar with the basic Timeline features.

Cover Photo and Profile Photo-  Facebook has made Cover photo a very important feature in the Timeline. It is the first and the the most noticeable item on your Facebook page. A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore,  a cover photo must narrate your name, identity , what you do etc. Almost anything that can strike your audience can be included in the cover photo. If we translate this to real time, we can believe that a cover photo is quite like a first hello to your audience and it must cast a good impression.

A Profile photo on the other hand is the same display picture that Facebook users have been using in the past on their profiles and pages. The profile photo appears on a lesser space below the Cover photo. So if the cover photo is the first hello, then the profile picture is quite like the hand extended for this introduction.

Handy Tips-

1)       I would advise you to use a logo or trademark as your profile picture. This is because a cover photo appears only on your page Timeline, but a profile picture appears against all your posts, status updates, photos, comments etc.

2)   Keep changing your cover photos frequently so that the audience gets a fresh look each time they visit your page.

3)         Do not use pictures available on the Internet and search engines. Use only those pictures which you have clicked or created. This improves authenticity and makes your page look original and genuine.

4)   Always be careful not to infringe on copyrights or intellectual property.

5)   The most important thing is that you can post as many times as you like on your Timeline and there is virtually no limit to the number of audience you can reach with Facebook Pages.

Is there anything more you can do to understand the Timeline and make your Facebook Page interesting?
Yes, there is.

 More on Facebook Timeline and other social media giants in the forthcoming posts. 


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