Decoding Social Media- Monitor Your Facebook Page

A Facebook page is certainly the best way to interact with your audience. But just making a Facbeook page is not enough. You have to track your views and visitors and see whether the message you are trying to send across is being delivered or not.

So Facebook offers you ‘Insights’. Studies have proven that marketers who spend atleast 6 hours a week on Social Media, generate more leads and definitely are in better sync with their consumers. Not to forget, most of the time is spent on Facebook itself.

Facebook Page Insights - So the first thing you would want to explore on your Facebook page to check user engagement is the page Insights. This is a service by Facebook itself, so you would certainly find it more useful and more authentic that anything else. The Insights have also improved with time. Now you can check which posts were more popular with your readers, which city or country has the maximum numbers of subscribers for your page. Moreover, you get to monitor other user demographics, the potential fans that you can engage. The average times users pay unique visits to your page and how you reach your audience, virally, organically or by paid advertisements, all is mentioned in the Insights section.

However, if you find the Insights section too simple or rather too plain, you can switch to an array of third party applications that give you a larger number of options for maintenance and organization. The most popular and useful tools are mentioned below :

Conversocial-  This is a good yet expensive application. It will provide you most of the back office support you need for your Facebook page and you can either manage them on the conversocial platform or through the regular emails. This is especially good for managing conversations on your posts.

Graph-o-Meter – This tool lets you manage all your Facebook pages on one interface. You can plan posts in advance or see who the most active fans on your pages are. However, the disadvantage is that data is available only for the last 30 days.

Fangager- This application gives you a host of tools on one interface. It also has a reward system for the most active fans. However, it is the one of the most expensive applications available online and you may have to pay separately for each service above the normal plan rates.

Final Verdict- The Facebook insights are a wonderful option to track the vistors. However, for active marketers who have to manage many pages at once, and who can spend a big part of their budget on social media, the third party applications will be worthwhile. For all others, the Facebook Insights are more than sufficient for play. 

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