Deleted your Google Account? You have Less than a Business Week to Restore it

You may be aware that Blogger has a limited ability to restore a deleted blog.

Now you should brace yourself for another reality: Google’s ability to restore a deleted Google account is also limited.

If you for some reason or accidentally deleted your Google Account, then you can attempt to restore it by going to our password assistance page within a limited window of time after deletion.

The said time period is or the "limited window" is less than a business week (less than 5 days) if you fail to restore it within this time, then chances are you will not be able to get it back.

If you delete your Google account, you have to have the account restored - not recreated -- if you hope to regain use of your Blogger account - and (if necessary) have your blogs also restored, says Chuk an authority of all things Blogger and Google.

NOTE: For restoration process you may be asked to provide the necessary details, to regain control of your account and / or blogs, so keep them handy. --------

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