Facebook is testing 'pay to promote post' Tool

Facebook is trying hard to invent new ways to make money.

BBC reports that in this direction Facebook has started testing a system that lets users pay to highlight or promote posts.

The Model: 

The tool allows ‘paying a small fee’ and users can ensure that information they post on the social network is more visible to friends, family and colleagues. The tests are being carried out among the social network's users in New Zealand.

Facebook, which has confirmed the presence of such a tool, says that the goal was to see if users were interested in paying to flag up their information.

According to Facebook, this particular test is one of the many such tools Facebook is testing currently gauge people's interest in this method of sharing with their friends. These tools would see a range of charges being levied to make posts more visible (some of thee tools will be free as well). Courtesy the comments on this particular testing suggest the highest price being charged was £1.25 ($2) while others cost 25p or 50p.

Payments could be made via credit card or PayPal.


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