For Inventors who seriously want To Make Money, Here’s a New Book

Not every inventor (especially the new ones) wants to make Millions with his Invention.

Still, an invention which makes money is never an uninvited guest.

Whether an invention makes small, significant or truck loads of money; it is always better than the one which makes none.

And making money from one’s inventions requires much more than a sharp mind, steep curiosity and out-of-the-box creativity. It also requires knowledge of the worldly ways to safeguard one’s invention, by way of patents, packaging the prototype well, so that it appeals to the person/company who buys its rights for commercial replication, and many small but important things.

Simply stated, if you are an inventor, who loves to create things, and wants to make money out of it as well; then a new book — Your Complete Guide to Making Millions with Your Simple Idea or Invention: Insider Secrets You Need to Know – is for you.


The book is getting great reviews from experts and educators, who have devoted decades of their lives teaching & representing innovation, legal framework around innovations, innovators & entrepreneurs and patents.

Gene Quinn, President & Founder of IPWatchdog Inc., Patent Attorney has this to say about the book,

“For over ten years I have been writing articles and commentaries in hopes of educating independent inventors and small businesses on patent and intellectual property issues. For those who are new to the innovation business it can be an extremely daunting task to come up to speed on the topic, particularly given the diverse, sometimes counter-intuitive, issues and obstacles that need to be successfully navigated. I have long wanted to write a book for inventors myself, but now there is no need for that endeavor. As this new book is much like what I would have written, if I write a book on the topic. Time and time again as I read this book I found myself nodding my head in complete agreement. For new inventors who seriously want to succeed this book should be required reading.”


· An inventor/entrepreneur who clearly sees the US economy continue to trend towards an innovation and technology based economy intellectual property rights, and patent rights in particular. To such clarity that, he has convinced himself that the manufacturing jobs are gone and Prosperity is tied to innovation.

· An inventor who believes that a pre-requisite to successfully innovating and making money from innovation is to understand the processes in play outside innovation.

· A person who wants to have at his side, everything advised about ‘innovation as business’ in the past few decades and today, in a concise easy to understand format.

· For an inventor who has understood that he is far more likely to succeed if he treats inventing as a business. And for whom inventing stuff is more than just an American dream – for whom inventing goes well beyond the “cool” factor, innovative contributions; one who wants to like to succeed financially, sees nothing wrong in making money from his invention.

· An inventor, who understands that innovation needs money as well.


The book has been written with one overarching theme: How to approach inventing in a business way.
Inside this overarching theme, the book covers broad to minute questions & issues faced by a new inventor, which include the trials and tribulations of inventors, the need to have a direction in their innovation effort, the importance of time management, scheduling and meeting promised deadlines. This the book does in an uncommon level of understanding with respect to both the questions inventors have and the knowledge they absolutely need to know to succeed.

That apart the book also talks about patents. Reflecting on the patent section of the book, Gene Quinn, Patent Attorney, says that many might find it surprising that some of the best things said in the book are those things that provide a reality check on the importance of patents. Others found the authors take on patents , simply spot on.

In author’s own words,

“ patents are not the end of all be all, but rather they are a means to an end. Obtaining a patent is not the ‘holy grail’; rather, ‘the holy grail of inventing is getting your invention into the hands of consumers and making a profit."

Majority of inventors today want to do just that. If you are one among theese, then Read Your Complete Guide to Making Millions with Your Simple Idea or Invention: Insider Secrets You Need to Know, not only once, but keep consulting it whenever the need be.


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