Future Engineers! To what extent you can Automate your Dorm Room

Future Engineers! To what extent you can Automate your Dorm Room

If you are clueless or haven’t tried anything yet in your Hostel room; then check out the BRAD Experiment by a University of California at Berkeley freshman named Derek Low.

The “BRAD” or the “Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm” took three months and a couple of hundred dollars for Low to create. But many are saying he has taken the crown for “Ridiculously Automated Dorm”.

Just watch the video below, and see for yourself, whether you are impressed by Low’s work or not. BTW, in the video below, some of the highlights are:

 Motion sensors that detect when someone enters or exits the room
 The ability to control things in the room such as the lights, window shades, and music via voice controls and mobile apps
 An emergency red “party mode” button that adapts everything to the Party mode.

Low, who is still a teenager, doesn’t solely depend on BRAD for limelight. The boy has a website where he showcases the projects and experiments. Things he has accomplished in his free time.

What has he accomplished in his spare time: hacks in categories which include High Voltage, Lasers, Pyro, Weapons & Ballistics, Electronics, and Chemistry.

Low has a bright future, as many Startups are especially looking for sharp brains like him. --------

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