Google to have Apple Game Center like Native App for Android

Who says Big companies don’t learn for each other!

According to BI, Google has pinpointed two things which till now prevented Google from earning well from the fat growing mobile games market. The two things, which the search giant learned from none other than rival Apple, are : 1) A native Android app similar to Game Center, an app on the iPhone that connects players in most of Apple's iOS games; and 2) Making the payments system for Google Play, the online store where players buy Android games and other apps, as smooth as buying games in the App Store.

This Google thinks are vital to make Google a contender in the fast-growing mobile games market.

What will ‘native Android app similar to Game Center’ offer?

A social "achievement" system, which will offer gamers awards and trophies for achievements in Games. In addition, there will be a leaderboard which will rank players against their friends. From where Google will get all these friends? Google+ .

Although Developers creating Android games are already using a variety of third-party solutions right now, like OpenFeint, to make for the deficiency; Google is hopeful that with a native game center and effective tweaks to the payments system for Google Play, Android developers will be happy. --------

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