Localphone free calls to Venezuela Offer

Localphone is running another promotion giving away unlimited free calls to Venezuela.

From 12noon GMT today, 4th May until 12noon GMT 11th May all calls to landlines in Venezuela will be free. There's no catch; customers can call for as long as they want and to as many numbers as they want. Plus, they can call from their mobile phone, landline or computer from within Venezuela or from anywhere in the world.

Those who aren't customers of Localphone can still take advantage of the offer by taking a minute to create an account at Localphone (it's free and they won't need to add in payment details unless they want to call other destinations) and then they'll be able to call Venezuela for free.

For more info on the offer, visit this page.

About Localphone:

Localphone is a leading provider of cheap international calls and free VoIP calls. Calls can be made to over 250 countries from a mobile, landline or computer for as little as 0.4p per minute. LocalPhone's call rates are up to 88% cheaper than Skype's and its minimum top up is just £1. There are no monthly charges or hidden connection fees and all new customers can try Localphone with a 5 minute free call. --------

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