New Blogger Dashboard offers a valuable Intelligence, you can benefit from

Many Blogger users are still reluctant to move on to the new Blogger dashboard.

The familiarity and clear cut appearance of the old Blogger dashboard, which is soon to be replaced by the new dashboard, is the reason why many bloggers are adamant to move on.

But two of the features in the new Blogger dashboard, can be a motivation to make a transition.

First is the, labels. In the new dashboard, there is no limit to number of labels. So you can add many tags. Although, Blogger still chose not to provide separate tags/labels and categories, as is the arrangement in WordPress. Still, labels in new Blogger dashboard is welcome.

Second change is the, 'number of Page views for individual posts shown besides each post in the Posts Page'.

For a shrewd marketer and Blogger; this metric is valuable. You write a post and you instantly know the reader response to it.

To emphasise on the value of this "number of page-views" intelligence; let I give you Delicious's example.

As you know, Delicious is acquired by two Google guys, founded by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, in June 2011. The guys are the ones who created YouTube. Post acquisiton, the tech world expected them to put Delicious back to reckoning. In February this year, Delicious started showing 'number of views' for each bookmarked item on the user dashboard. Some of you even have noticed a small 'eye icon'. But mysteriously, after a few weeks, Delicious removed the feature.

Hence, if you use Blogger and using the old dashboard, do move on to the new dashboard. It'll serve you immensely.

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