A sleeve that enables iPhones in US to use mobile internet with 4G speeds

FreedomPop, a new company which emerged this march, will enable all the iPhones out there in US to use mobile internet with 4G speeds.

What is in Offer?

To try this unbelievable claim, all an iPhone owner has to do is buy FreedonPop’s three upcoming items, first one is already out – A $99 hard plastic iPhone sleeve from FreedomPop ( a 4G WiMax iPhone sleeve). Abiding to the condition, of buying all the three products, the user will be get 500MB of free 4G data per month.


The fact that all the existing iPhones can only use 3G networks, which includes AT&T's faux-4G signal, many are suspecting the authenticity of the claim. But the company claims that the sleeve will give an iPhone the power to use mobile internet with 4G speeds. The sleeve can turn an iPhone into a 4G mobile hotspot.

Another ulterior motive critics are finding in this offer, is a shrewd ploy, wherein a user will consume 500MB of data within hours (courtesy the super fast speeds) and will then end up buying extra data from FreedomPop. Back in march, FreedomPop mentioned charging $10 per additional 1GB of data.

Availability: The service will be available in 70 major cities across US. The first product out of the three, the sleeve, will start shipping by the end of summer. FreedomPop’s other two products, which will be launched in coming days, are: a USB dongle for your laptops and a wifi hotspot device for multiple mobile devices.


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