Top Twitter User on basis of Number of Followers

Yes, the distinction goes to Lady Gaga.

26 year old Lady Gaga Is Queen of Twitter! who late Wednesday night has hit the 25 Million Followers milestone (2,50,00000 followers).

To celebrate the occasion, Poker face Singer tweeted:

"#25milliontweetymonsters wow! I'm officially feeling like the luckiest girl in the world today,"

"Last sold out show in Singapore in 2 hrs!"

Justin Bieber, 18, is at teh second position with 22.5 million followers. With 20.4 million followers, Katy Perry is the third.

Other spots go to:

Rihanna with 19.5 million followers is at Number 4

Britney Spears with 17.2 million followers is at Number 5

Shakira with 16.2 million followers is at Number 6

President Barack Obama, with just over 16 million, is Number 7

Kim Kardashian, with 14.8 million followers is Number 8. --------

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