Your Blog URLs on Social Media networks contribute to your Blog's Success

If you as a blogger still think that the your blog urls on social media networks are not necessary for your blogging success. Think twice.

As a recent report from Medical world indirectly tells what is important to Google search algorithm, while it decides the search rank of any content.

According to the researchers at Germany's Dresden University of Technology who have used Google's webpage algorithm to find cancer biomarkers, which can lead to early diagnosis and better treatment -- Google’s complex algorithm which involves many factors, but one key factor is the amount of interconnectivity a page has, helped them rank about 20,000 proteins by genetic relevance to the progression of pancreatic cancer and found seven that can help them diagnose the aggressiveness of each individual case, leading to more effective and personalized treatment.

According to the researchers, just as a webpage with no other pages linking to it and no social media interaction seems less important to Google, in the same way these biomarkers were found to be taking decisions. Thus these biomarkers are using the same method which Google uses to decide in which order to present your search results.

In that vein, researchers helped narrow their protein rankings by looking at the network of physical and regulatory interactions to find which ones played a large role in the progression of cancer itself. And once the researchers added the network information in their analysis, their biomarkers became more reproducible.

Only time will tell how the Google search algorithm helps cancer patients; but you now know Your Blog URLs on Social Media networks contribute to your blogging Success. --------

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