Add Microdata To Pages or Posts with New WordPress Plugin

A new Free plugin [Update Plugin Discontinued], makes adding Microdata To Pages or Posts in any WordPress website effortless.

It's believed that Microdata may help with rankings for Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization efforts. The free Plugin will add Microdata into all of the selected pages or blog posts in a WordPress website.

The new Microdata plugin enables the user in using Microdata to alert all search engines as to the physical location of a company or business.

The Plugin uses standard schema[DOT]org data to add microdata to any selected pages on the web site. Currently the Plugin is focused on location of business only.

How to Use _________ microdata Plugin:

While creating a new post or a new page users can simply enter in the name of their business their address their zip code their phone number and any other physical location details and that information will be converted into microdata and included on that page or post.

It can be very important that the data is consistent. Meaning if the business already has existing listings the data entered into the plugin should be exactly the same as the existing listings. This will lead great consistency to local listings and local databases on the Internet.

Just by including this microdata users may see a boost in local search engine rankings. Existing data and studies suggest that Bing in particular favors microdata information in relationship to local search.

Premium microdata Plugin for SEO:

Although the new micro data plugin is free. A Premium microdata Plugin to add microdata to WordPress posts and pages can creates thousands of optimized landing pages that is also designed for Local SEO.


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