An App to Transfer iPhone Data to Galaxy Device

An App to Transfer iPhone Data to Galaxy Device! Samsung is offering free one such app to UK Users to Transfer iPhone Data to one of its Galaxy devices.

Samsung is offering anyone purchasing a Galaxy device in the UK a free application that will transfer their data from their iPhone to their new device. Called Easy Phone Sync, developed by Media Mushroom, the application aids in the transfer of contacts, messages, photos, and DRM-free music and videos from an iPhone or iPad. The application uses iTunes back-up to copy over your messages, contacts, photos and video, and will take your podcasts, music and playlists from iTunes.

The application works in two parts, with one running on your Galaxy device, and downloadable from the Google Play Store (currently lists a second version, called Easy Phone Tunes, which appears to only sync music but is available outside of the UK and on non-Galaxy Android devices. There's also Easy Phone Tunes Plus, which syncs music, album art, podcasts, and multiple playlists.). The second part runs on your PC or Mac computer and is available from Once the app running, a user can continue to use iTunes to manage his/her media.


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