BBC launches New iOS Game "Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution"

Popular 'BBC motoring series Top Gear' has unveiled a new game for Apple devices, iOS devices,a free Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution.

Produced by BBC Worldwide as a sequel to 2010 release Top Gear: Stunt School, the iOS game was released yesterday with a trailer. Check out the Trailer below:

The Android version will arrive ‘soon’.

What the New Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution Game Offers:

1) The new game takes forward the legacy of its predecessor with more zany elements of the series. Over the top stunt tracks set in real-life locations, such as Alcatraz, the Grand Canyon, and Sydney Harbour Bridge, amongst others.

2) On the ‘featured vehicle’ component of the game, there will be little licenced big-name content, with users instead able to drive over-the-top customisable ‘compact cars’, ‘sports cars’, and ‘utility vehicles’, each suited for different types of challenges. There will be playable appearances from the unique vehicles built by the presenters during the history of Top Gear, with the most notable inclusion being that of the home-made electric car ‘Hammerhead’.

3) Coming up to its Free game reputation, BBC Worldwide have confirmed that ‘new cars and challenges’ will be uploaded to the playable content on a weekly basis.


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