Cloudmine launches Hassle Free App Development & Perfect App Store Submission

What are the two most difficult processes for any Mobile App developer?

1) The Back end of a Mobile App and

2) Ensuring that the Mobile App created is picture perfect for App Store submission. If the app is less than perfect, courtesy current high standards of App Store, the developer is always at a risk of the App rejection (and as a consequence of time and money).

CloudMine is well aware of that(it itself started of as a development app itself, finally graduating to a platform), that's why CloudMine has launched a platform which not only ensures a Hassle Free App Development, but also Perfect App Store Submission.

In short, an antidote to your mobile development pain points.

CloudMine App Development Platform:

As said, the Startup Cloudmine has launched a new platform, which offers the backend platform to simplify and streamline the app building process, leaving developers to focus on the front-end fun.

To pick the essence of the objective behind CloudMine's new app development platform, one can safely say that Cloudmine team collated the processes developers don't want to do themselves, and provided all those processes in the platform.

Working on this philosophy, CloudMine took the back-end focus away from engineers so they can focus on the part users (developers like you and I) actually interact with. To be specific, tasks like data storage, user account management, password encryption, any sort of permissions, dealing with public and private data, and scaling. But unlike similar existing services in the market, which give developers the tools to build their apps, CloudMine will put it all together (that's instead of giving you nails, hammer and wood to make a stage, it creates a stage for you, so that you can decorate the stage for audience).

A Bonus!

Treat it as a Bonus. The CloudMine service helps apps scale from the beginning. Developers often have to the make the decision early on how successful they believe their apps will be — and those who are damn serious about their app venture, end up spending too much on on services, they shouldn't, for instance on a hosting service.

On contrary, there are others who fail to spend adequately on resources and later lament when the app gets featured in the App Store within the first week, but their service gets marred by slow load times and constant crashing.

Cloudmine's platform does all this scaling in advance. So that neither there's wastefulness on resources nor dearth of them.

In simple, Cloudmine's helps the programmer timely realise that his App is or is not the next Angry Bird or Temple Run. To save the developers from any bloodbath (money-wise), the platform decided that clients can pay by user ($0.05 per active user) or find a custom pricing plan that works better for their needs.

A bit more about CloudMine:

CloudMind is funded by Startup Weekend. It has 10 employees. CloudMine recently raised $100k from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

It’s already about 1,500 clients who have made about 1,500 apps with its service. They range in shape, size, and form — from college kids building weekend projects to creative agencies working as third party builders-for-hire to Fortune 500 companies. --------

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