Google launches 'Google Now' -- Siri like feature with Jelly Bean

Google launches 'Google Now', Siri like (voice guided Assistant in Apple's iPhone)feature with its new Android 4.1 OS or Jelly Bean.

But Google Now is more capable than Apple's Siri.

Google Now:

The new Google Now features voice control and search, just like Siri, but it also has a new card-based interface to help users in their Day to day activities.

Putting its Search expertise to work, Google's voice Assistant feature pulls users’ search history, calendar, and location to present the users with the information they need when they need it. So based on the user's search history, the Google Now can give users information like the next appointment in their calendar, when to leave for the destination, the information about the trains to arrive at the subway station when the user reaches there, give directions around traffic etc.

Since he Google Now feature is based on User's search history, it is capable of offering information of almost anything a user usually searches. This can be real-time updates for games, weather, nearby points of interest etc.

What makes Google Now Better than Siri?

Unlike Siri, Google now can also provide translations, currency conversions, and flight information. But what makes it better than Siri is: users don’t actually need to ask the feature to provide the information. The information will just appear based on the time and location, though users should still have the ability to ask Google Now for specific information.

On second thoughts, lets hope Google Now doesn't turn into an irritating friend, or Bossy wife or Girlfriend!.

Check out the video below:


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