iPhone5 to have 19-pin mini dock connector

Apple will finally trash its traditional 30-pin dock connector on the iPhone 5. And replace it with a smaller 19-pin equivalent.

A good news for iPhone accessory manufacturers ( but only for those who start afresh with iPhone5. Not the iPhone/iPod dock and speaker solution manufacturers, as their current docks will not work with next gen iPhone. But if you have a dock right now, don't worry, as Apple will release an adapter for current docks, as a backward compatibly gesture, but get ready to shell out some dollars). Good for Apple as well, as it will save much space. if you remember Techcrunch had written about this too.

How New Connector will Look like?

Somewhat similar to the new Thunderbolt port on a MacBook, but will be proprietary to the iPhone 5 (Yes user woes have not ended yet).


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