Microsoft Launches Surface -- its First Tablet PC

You may or may not be aware that the Tech world was waiting eagerly for Microsoft's "major" announcement on Monday i.e. yesterday.

The rumours which gained strength from Microsoft's Saturday invitation, receieved by many Tech publications, said this about Microsoft's major Monday announcement,"You will not want to miss it."; unleashed all sorts of speculations -- From Microsoft taking on Apple iPad with tablets running on Windows software, to it beefing up online film, television or music offerings.

Thankfully, the Microsoft's Major Monday Event at Milk Studios, a photo studio in Hollywood,Los Angeles, Calif is over now, and the even was indeed for Microsoft Announcing its Big Entry Into the Tablet Market With 'Microsoft Surface'.

With the unveiling of Surface Tablet, Microsoft Corp. has entered the tablet market.

Microsoft Surface Tablet:

There are two models of a Microsoft-branded tablet PC, dubbed the Microsoft.

Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows division demoed the Surface for Windows 8 Pro. Sinofsky called the Surface "a stage for Windows."

The Surface comes in two variations; the Windows 8 Pro model, powered by a third-generation Intel Core processor and running on the Windows 8 Pro operating system, is for more of a PC-experience.

Surface for Windows RT runs on an ARM processor and uses the Windows RT operating system, and is comparable to an ARM tablet.

Notable features on both models include a 10.6-inch display and front and rear cameras.

Both devices also include a built-in kickstand and full multitouch keyboard with trackpad, while the Surface for Windows 8 Pro also includes its own pen with digital ink.

Price of Microsoft Surface and Availability:

Microsoft has not revealed the pricing yet. The pricing will be disclosed closer to availability. But giving some hints regarding the prices, the Tech giant said that the Windows 8 version, which comes with either 64 or 128 GB of storage, will be priced similarly to Ultra-books. The other model, the Windows RT model, offered with 32 or 64 GB storage, will be priced competitively with ARM tablets.


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