New Book Helps Businesses build Social Marketing Framework

A New Book by Social Media Expert Ric Dragon, a Social media expert and CEO of digital marketing agency DragonSearch (, titled “Social Marketology: Improve Your Social Media Processes and Get Customers to Stay Forever” published by McGraw-Hill, provides companies with a framework with which they can create a process framework for their social media activities and improve engagements with their customers.

What Social Marketology Offers:

Ric Dragon is a sought after speaker and considered by many to be a social media guru with a unique ability to help companies achieve their overall marketing goals by using digital media tools effectively.

“Social Marketology” is his second book, his first being an e-book, “The DragonSearch Online Marketing Manual.”

Dragon, who founded the DragonSearch digital marketing agency in 2007 with partner Don Tallerman, has focused on the future of social media in his writing because he sees it as a “here-to-stay” element of any marketing program.

Dragon follows a Unique Approach to Social Media Marketing Process and Strategy, by outlining a framework around which a focused social media campaign may be constructed. The new book, “Social Marketology” provides a concrete method for marketing through social media that is also flexible enough to be adapted to the social media platforms of today and tomorrow.

This what what Dragon said, a fortnight ago, at the launch of his new book,

“Creating a social media strategy is a step many overlook because they are so eager to jump into these relatively new marketing tools,”

“Social Marketology helps companies establish a social media process that starts with their desired outcomes, those elements that will determine the company’s long term success. In the book, I take a lot of time detailing the upfront work that needs to be done before a company posts its first Facebook message or sends its first Tweet.”

Elevating itself from many social media marketing strategies books offered by other Gurus, which offer little beyond establishing an online presence and some “tips and tricks” for particular platforms, “Social Marketology” draws off a more holistic body of knowledge that incorporates social media within in the context of larger organizational goals. So that by the end of this book, marketing executives will have the knowledge to implement an effective social media marketing campaign that is testable, controllable, and fully integrated within broader campaigns and goals.

About Ric Dragon:

Ric Dragon is the CEO and founder of DragonSearch, a digital marketing agency. Dragon is a sought-after speaker, appearing internationally as a social media expert and digital marketing professional whose insights help companies create a solid social media strategy and process. His upcoming speaking appearances include Blog World NY, June 6; 140 Conf NYC, June 19; Social Business Conference – Richmond, Va., Sept. 11. Contact Ric Dragon at 212-246-5087,, or via Twitter @RicDragon.

About DragonSearch

Founded in 2007 by Ric Dragon and Don Tallerman, DragonSearch is a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay per click advertising with offices in New York City and Kingston, New York. Servicing a wide variety of clients, DragonSearch utilizes search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) management, social media marketing (SMM), and web site development to effectively drive potential customers to a company’s web and social sites. Company founder Ric Dragon is the author of “The DragonSearch Online Marketing Manual,” and the upcoming “Social Marketology,” both published by McGraw-Hill.


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