Physics Lover Tegra 3-powered Android devices owners will love Puddle THD

If you love Physics OR its ral life implications then you will love Puddle THD pouring onto your Tegra 3-powered Android devices.

The Puddle THD game is launching for your Tegra 3-powered Android smartphone or tablet, Today.

Puddle THD game is all Physics...

In Puddle THD - an interesting-looking physics-puzzler, the gamer has to tilt his/her device in order to transport a stream of water to the exit of more than 40 different stages, while overcoming friction, temperature changes, gravity, and a number of other Physics terms or factors encountered in real life.

This physics-based game title features support for both Bluetooth and USB controllers, and comes with a leader board wherein you can compare your performance with the OpenFeint community. In addition, the game developer, Neko Entertainment, has promised that additional levels will be introduced on a weekly basis for free. So don't crib if you have to spend some small dollars. The game title could be free as well.


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